Treasure Hunt

Okay, so I’ve discovered a really interesting blog, apart from my own. It is called “Things I Find in The Garbage”, I know you’re thinking eeewwww really. At first, I was like that is gross….ick dumpster diving, sounds dirty among other things. But, it’s not like that, it’s actually really interesting and encourages recycling. I respect the resource and energy efficiency and the unique perspective of this blog.

What is it about? This person goes around Montreal looking for items that have been thrown out by their owners, for example, gold jewellery, antique furniture, books and record collections. Sometimes the garbage is sold to other people who are on the lookout for such items on the Internet and at yard sales. One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure. This is a really good way to make money, one that is currently used by many charity shops, “vintage shops”, car boot sales, eBay, antique shops and Art Auctioneers.

When I think about it logically it really isn’t so disgusting, it’s more like treasure hunting. I have to say I am curious to find out what else the blogger will find in the Garbage. If I’m being honest the curiosity stems from a childhood fondness for Sesame Street. I’m really hoping that the mastermind behind this blog is Oscar the Grouch and he’s the one who’s actually pulling the strings. If not, it is at least one very interesting blog that’s easy to read. In addition, you may have just stumbled across the person most likely to discover the legendary Maltese Falcon or the very real, gold and diamond statue, the Maltese Eagle which has an estimated value of 6 million dollars.

Verdict: For an eyebrow raising read I recommend Things I Find in The Garbage



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